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First-Person Zombie Survival - Unity 2019.4 HDRP - Windows / Mac / Linux


Realistic Day Night Cycle: Sun & Moon rises and sets, moving clouds, moon changes and stars fall every night.

Immersive First-Person Full Body Character: Fists, melee weapons and ranged combat (bow&arrow). Ability to push objects around. Walking, running, crouching and jumping with the ability to go on top of buildings freely.

Walking or crouching gives you the chance of sneaking past zombies without alerting them.

Smart Watch to check health, hunger, thirst, time and calendar with radar showing zombie & item locations.

Inventory Slots are located on player's lower body, you need to look down to manage your remaining arrows and weapon durability.

20+ different types of Zombies with many animations wander around the town.

Headshot with an arrow terminates Zombies, torso hits reduce half of their hp and other body parts are less effected from other attacks. They have a chance to drop items upon their death.

Zombies mostly spawns at night, one doesn't forget to use the Flash Light. Items also spawns twice a day at random locations around the map.

Ability to take the arrows back from zombies and surfaces when they are stuck and reuse them.

How many days will you survive in this apocalypse?

Please leave comments and share your thoughts and Have Fun!


Movement - WASD
Hit/Shoot - Left Mouse
SmartWatch - Right Mouse
Jump - SPACE
Crouch - LEFT_CTRL
Action - E
FlashLight - F
WeaponSwitch 1-2-3


Art: Synty Studios - Simple Apocalypse - Cartoon Assets


ProSound Mini Pack - Gamemaster Audio

Pirate Game Sounds Pack - AlbertFernandez

Zombie Voice Samples - fusehive

Zombie Sound Pack - Catastic

Visual Effects: Daniel Ilett - Snapshot Shaders Pro


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1HP - HamCor Games.7z 318 MB
1HP - HamCor Games - for Linux.7z 323 MB
1HP - HamCor Games - for MacOS.7z 320 MB


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Visuals and effects are good but needs a story or some real objective.

Night time wandering with flashlight gave me the creeps.